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Upgrade guide for upcoming Vanilla v3.0

During the development of Vanilla v2 several CSS class names or SCSS mixins and placeholders have been deprecated and will be removed in the upcoming release v3.0.

This guide documents all the breaking changes that will happen when these deprecated features are removed.

Once version 3.0 is released, this will be used as the update guide for developers when upgrading to a new version. All these changes can be already applied to code that uses Vanilla v2 so that future update to Vanilla v3.0 has a smaller impact.


The .p-icon--question icon has been deprecated will be removed. Please use the existing .p-icon--help icon instead. Corresponding mixins vf-p-icon-question and vf-icon-question will be removed as well. Please use vf-p-icon-help and vf-icon-help instead accordingly.

The vf-p-icon-in-button mixin is no longer necessary and will be removed. Any code that includes this mixin can be removed.

Social icons

We will be removing .p-icon--canonical and .p-icon--ubuntu from social icon set. This applies also to corresponding mixins: vf-icon-canonical, vf-p-icon-canonical, vf-icon-ubuntu, vf-p-icon-ubuntu.

Please use alternative icons from our social set or branded icon bespoke for the project.


Heading pattern classes with word suffix (p-heading--one, p-heading--two, etc.) have been replaced with number suffixed class names p-heading--1, p-heading--2, ...

.row class should not be used inside global navigation pattern. Use .p-navigation__row for fixed-width or p-navigation_row--full-width for full-width navigation.

Navigation classes .p-navigation__links, .p-navigation__link, and classless <a> are deprecated and will be removed. Please use new class names .p-navigation__items, .p-navigation__item, .p-navigation__link instead.

.p-subnav is now deprecated, it and its associated child elements can be updated simply by substituting the following class names:

Deprecated classes Replaced by
.p-subnav .p-navigation__item--dropdown-toggle
.p-subnav__items .p-navigation__dropdown
.p-subnav__items--right .p-navigation__dropdown--right
.p-subnav__item .p-navigation__dropdown-item

The <a> element that toggles the dropdown element should have the .p-navigation__link class, as well as an aria-controls attribute that references the id attribute of the dropdown element.

Text element max-width

Max-widths should not be based on font-size. Any legacy classes, placeholders, or mixins that used a font-size based max-width setting will be removed. Use map-get($max-widths, default) instead.

List of removed max width features includes: max-width--p and %measure--p placeholders, .measure--p class name, and vf-b-typography-max-widths, p-max-width, heading-max-width--short, heading-max-width--long, p-max-width--long mixins.

Grid modifications

Unnecessary mixin vf-p-grid-modifications will be removed. Any references to it can be removed from code.


Adding .p-slider class to style <input type='range'> is optional, so this class name can be safely removed from HTML if it's used solely to style range inputs. Classes .p-slider__wrapper and .p-slider__input are still used when building slider with text input combo.

Hidden cell in expanding table

Using .u-hide utility inside expanding table to hide table heading placeholder is not recommended. Use the recommended ARIA attribute (aria-hidden="true") instead.


Use of .col classes outside of .row is deprecated. If you use .col-X class names outside of .row or your custom styling depends on specificity of .col-X class name you will need to review and update your styles accordingly.


We renamed and deprecated p-table-expanding and p-table-expanding__panel. Use p-table--expanding and p-table__expanding-panel instead.

We removed the p-table--sortable that was previously required to enable sorting functionality in the tables. Currently any table with correctly used aria-sort attributes on column headers can be sorted. The p-table--sortable class name can be removed from HTML (any relevant JavaScript may need to be updated).

Inline images

We deprecated the inline images component. Please use the logo section component instead.


The neutral button style provided by p-button--neutral is exactly the same as default p-button styling, so neutral variant is deprecated and will be removed in future version 3.0 of Vanilla. Please use p-button instead.


$grid-margin-width is deprecated, as the grid margins differ at different breakpont. Use the values in $grid-margin-widths instead.


The notification child classes have been replaced to support new variants. The following class substitutions can be used to support existing functionality:

Deprecated classes Replaced by
.p-notification__response .p-notification__content
.p-notification__status .p-notification__title
.p-icon--close .p-notification__close

The text content of the notifications should also be wrapped in element with .p-notification__message class name. This element didn't exist in previous version of notification pattern and should be added for best compatibility.