You can use the breadcrumbs pattern to indicate where the current page sits in the site's navigation.

  • A nav element with an aria-label "Breadcrumb" identifies the structure as a breadcrumb trail
  • The set of links is structured using an ordered list
  • The separators between each item are added via CSS, so you don't have to include them manually.

Deprecated markup


The breadcrumb markup has been updated for accessibility reasons. Support for the old markup may be removed in future versions.


To import just this component into your project, copy the snippet below and include it in your main Sass file.

@import 'patterns_breadcrumbs';
@include vf-p-breadcrumbs;

For more information see Customising Vanilla in your projects, which includes overrides and importing instructions.


For more information view the breadcrumbs design spec, which includes the specification in markdown format and a PNG image.