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Vanilla provides a choice of duration and easing for animating components.


Recommended durations for animations are stored in the map $animation-duration.

Components that animate statically, like a button that changes background color, tend to have a shorter duration than components with motion animation.

Setting Default value
snap .1s
fast .165s
brisk .333s
slow .5s
sleepy 1s


Recommended durations for easing can be easeInCubic or easeOutCubic.

Setting Default value
out cubic-bezier(.215, .61, .355, 1)
in cubic-bezier(.55, .055, .675, .19)


Add a spin animation to an element with the following utility class.

Reduced motion

Vanilla implements the prefers-reduced-motion CSS media feature so that - in supported browsers and operating systems - users with an accessibility need or preference see reduced animation applied to page elements.

Currently, Vanilla's implementation of this feature is a simple media query where both animations and transitions are set to none !important for all HTML elements. Nothing needs to be done to use this feature in your pages but we encourage using animations and transitions in a progressive manner so that your web sites and applications are usable without animations being present.


Animations are preset to components. Components can be modified or extended to include animation by including the animation mixin.

The format is as follows:

@include vf-transition(PROPERTY, DURATION, EASING);

Note: The list of valid DURATION and EASING options are shown in the duration and easing sections of the documentation.

A valid use could be, for example:

@include vf-transition(height, brisk, out);

If you require multiple properties then the list must be interpolated as shown in the following example:

@include vf-transition(#{height, width}, brisk, out);

Deprecated Previously used vf-animation mixin has been deprecated in 3.7.0 and will be removed in future versions of Vanilla. Please use vf-transition instead.