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Spacing in Vanilla is controlled via a set of variables. There are two kinds of variables - nudges, which keep text aligned to the baseline grid, and multiples of the spacing unit, which define vertical and horizontal spacing.

The baseline grid

Everything in Vanilla adheres to a .5rem baseline grid. This is achieved by ensuring that:

  • text baselines are "nudged" until they fall precisely on the grid
  • any margin, padding or other positioning happens in multiples of the baseline grid spacing unit.


Nudges apply padding-top to text elements to ensure the text's baseline coincides with the baseline grid. CSS does not allow access to the font metrics embedded in each font, so the precise nudge amount is empirically measured and kept in a scss map called $nudges in the _settings_spacing.scss file. The nudge amount depends on two things - the font-size and the line-height of a piece of text. This means that elements that share the same font-size and line-height use the same nudge amounts. It also means that, if you change the font-size or line-height of an element on different breakpoints, you need to adjust the nudge for that breakpoint too.

The spacing unit

Apart from nudges, all other spacing variables in Vanilla are multiples (or fractions) of the spacing unit. The value of the spacing unit is .5rem (8px).

The example above shows headings sitting on the baseline grid, where the space between each red line is one $sp-unit.

Vertical spacing

Variables starting with $spv-- are used to denote vertical spacing.

Spacing variable Formula Default value
$spv--x-small $sp-unit * 0.5 0.25rem
$spv--small $sp-unit 0.5rem
$spv--medium $sp-unit * 1.5 0.75rem
$spv--large $sp-unit * 2 1rem
$spv--x-large $sp-unit * 3 1.5rem
$spv--strip-regular $sp-unit * 8 4rem
$spv--strip-deep $sp-unit * 12 6rem

The last 2 variables are used for strips only, which is why they follow the strip component naming.

Horizontal spacing

The variables controlling horizontal spacing are much fewer, as the grid handles more complex scenarios. The table below shows the variables currently in use.

Spacing variable Formula Default value
$sph--small $sp-unit 0.5rem
$sph--large $sp-unit * 2 1rem
$sph--x-large $sp-unit * 3 1.5rem

Generic units

There are also generic spacing units for backwards compatibility with components created with Vanilla before v1.7.0.

Spacing variable Formula Default value
$sp-xx-small $sp-unit * 0.25 0.125rem
$sp-x-small $sp-unit * 0.5 0.25rem
$sp-small $sp-unit 0.5rem
$sp-medium $sp-unit * 2 1rem
$sp-large $sp-unit * 3 1.5rem
$sp-x-large $sp-unit * 4 2rem
$sp-xx-large $sp-unit * 5 2.5rem
$sp-xxx-large $sp-unit * 6 3rem
$sp-xxxx-large $sp-unit * 8 4rem
$sp-xxxxx-large $sp-unit * 12 6rem


To import just this utility into your project, copy the snippet below and include it in your main Sass file.

@import 'utilities_vertical-spacing';

For more information see Customising Vanilla in your projects, which includes overrides and importing instructions.