Tabs organise and allow navigation between groups of content that are related and at the same level of hierarchy.

To select the active tab add the attribute aria-selected="true" and that list item will have the correct styling.

To horizontally align the tab list with other content, the whole tab set can be contained within a .row element to provide correct gutters.


Do:Use when there are multiple categories, views or panes of content.

Tabs do

Don't:Mix tabs that contain only text, with tabs that contain icons.

Tabs don't


To import just this component into your project, copy the snippet below and include it in your main Sass file.

@import 'patterns_tabs';
@include vf-p-tabs;

For more information see Customising Vanilla in your projects, which includes overrides and importing instructions.


For more information view the tabs design spec, which includes the specification in markdown format and a PNG image.