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Search boxes enable search functionality on a page and are typically used in a navigation bar.


The component expands to the full width of its container by default.

A cancel button is shown when the input has content, and a small amount of JavaScript is required to ensure that focus is returned to the relevant input field when the cancel button is clicked.

Buttons in the search box:

Space is allocated for the .p-search-box__reset and .p-search-box__button buttons, so both must be included in the implementation to avoid the appearance of excess padding.

Expanding search in navigation

The search box component integrates with expanding search functionality in navigation.

Expanding search in main navigation consists of couple of elements: search toggle link (.p-navigation__link--search-toggle), expanding search box (.p-navigation__search) and an overlay that covers whole screen when search is expanded (.p-navigation__search-overlay).

The .p-navigation__link--search-toggle class name is used to add a search toggle link to navigation items. The label text of this toggle element should be wrapped in .p-navigation__search-label element to make sure it's hidden on smaller screen sizes. Click event handler attached to the toggle element should add .has-search-open class on main .p-navigation element to expand the search box and show the overlay.

Vanilla Search box component is used for the search field, but it's wrapped into an element with .p-navigation__search class name. The search will be hidden by default and only expands when the navigation element has .has-search-open class name.

When search box is expanded the overlay element (p-navigation__search-overlay) is faded in to cover all the contents of the page (except the search box itself). Clicking anywhere on the overlay (or hitting Escape key) closes the search box.


To import just this component into your project, copy the snippet below and include it in your main Sass file.

// import Vanilla and include base mixins
// this only needs to happen once in a given project
@import 'vanilla-framework';
@include vf-base;

@include vf-p-search-box;

// search box uses icons for its buttons, so you need to include them as well
@include vf-p-icons-common;
@include vf-p-icon-close;
@include vf-p-icon-search;

For more information see Customising Vanilla in your projects, which includes overrides and importing instructions.


You can use search box in React by installing our react-component library and importing SearchBox component.

See the documentation for our React SearchBox component

For more interactive information adding search view the navigation component.