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Text max width

We aim to limit text to a measure (line width) of around 90 characters. This is done for readability purposes, and is already applied to paragraphs and headings.

To limit the width of text lists to match the line width of paragraphs use the .u-text-max-width utility class on the list element itself, or on a parent element.

When class can't be applied to the list element itself, for example when the list is generated from Markdown or Discourse, you can apply the utility class to a parent element.


To import just this utility into your project, copy the snippet below and include it in your main Sass file.

// import Vanilla and include base mixins
// this only needs to happen once in a given project
@import 'vanilla-framework';
@include vf-base;

@include vf-u-text-max-width;

For more information see Customising Vanilla in your projects, which includes overrides and importing instructions.