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Logo section

The logo section pattern can be used to showcase a group of related images, such as a group of customer or partner logos. For best results, ensure that the images have identical dimensions.

In the case of logos, we recommend adjusting scale and position within the bounding box to ensure a well balanced result.

The logo section ensures each logo matches the width of either one or two grid columns, depending on screen width. For this to work, the logo section needs to be placed inside a fixed width container. For example:

  • When you need to span the whole width of the grid, place the logo section within parent container with the class .u-fixed-width. (This class matches the overall fixed width of the grid, but doesn't create a css grid context for its children)
  • When you need to span a certain number of columns, place the logo section within a parent container with a column class, e.g. .col-6, which is a direct child of a parent with class .row.


If you need to show more smaller logos you can use dense version of logo section with p-logo-section--dense.


To import just this component into your project, copy the snippet below and include it in your main Sass file.

// import Vanilla and include base mixins
// this only needs to happen once in a given project
@import 'vanilla-framework';
@include vf-base;

@include vf-p-logo-section;

For more information see Customising Vanilla in your projects, which includes overrides and importing instructions.