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Logo section

How it works

The logo section showcases a group of related images or logos. It works by ensuring each image matches the width of either one or two grid columns.


This component strives to follow WCAG 2.1 (level AA) guidelines, and care must be taken to ensure this effort is maintained when the component is implemented across other projects. This section offers advice to that effect:

  • Images should always contain an alt attribute.
  • If the image or logo is considered decorative, the alt attribute’s value should be blank i.e. alt="".
  • If the image provides information not otherwise available to users of assistive technology, the value of the alt attribute should provide that information in a concise way.
  • Avoid using words and phrases like “logo” or “image of''; in most cases the information that needs to be conveyed is, for example, who the logo belongs to or what the image contains, rather than that the element itself is an image.