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Media object

A media object should be used to display events or articles.


You can add an is-round state to the .p-media-object__image element to create a circular image style, which we recommend to be used for head shots of people. In order for this variant to work, the original image must be square.


Use a large variant of the component to display details of a single object on a page.


To import just this component into your project, copy the snippet below and include it in your main Sass file.

// import Vanilla and include base mixins
// this only needs to happen once in a given project
@import 'vanilla-framework/scss/vanilla';
@include vf-base;

@include vf-p-media-object;

For more information see Customising Vanilla in your projects, which includes overrides and importing instructions.


For more information view the media object design spec which includes the specification in markdown format and a PNG image.