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How it works

Icons are used to enhance usability and provide clarity. <i> elements are used for our icons, and text should be added unless the icon is purely decorative. This text won’t be displayed visually. e.g.

<i class="p-icon--chevron-down">This text will not be displayed</i>


This component strives to follow WCAG 2.1 (level AA) guidelines, and care must be taken to ensure this effort is maintained when the component is implemented across other projects. This section offers advice to that effect:

  • If the icon is purely decorative with accompanying text, don’t include any text within the <i> element.
  • If there is no text with the icon, then the text within the <i> element must be clear and concise conveying the meaning of the icon.
  • Choose well known icons where possible, the more commonly used the icon is, the more likely it is the user will know what it represents.
  • Be consistent. The first time users encounter an icon, they learn the meaning or function associated with it. Using that same icon elsewhere or for a different purpose will disorient them.
  • If the icon is actionable e.g. a menu icon, make sure it is focusable and it has a meaningful, clear and concise alt attribute.
  • The colour contrast from the icon to the background should be at least 3:1, as mentioned in the WCAG techniques.